Are you a clinical or academic researcher looking for the best available evidence on recruiting and retaining older minority or African American participants? If so, check back regularly for resources to support your research efforts!

Aging PCOR Learning Collaborative: (Click link for webpage and to listen to all episodes)
This podcast series will follow Taylor and Sophia, two students interested in learning more about Patient Centered Outcomes Research, as they interview various experts on the subject. Join us as we explore the many benefits of Patient Centered Outcomes Research!


Why Representation in Research Matters:
Episode #61 from Critical Value, an Urban Institute Podcast

What happens when researchers come from the communities they study? Host Justin Milner speaks with two Latina researchers at different points in their career—one at the pinnacle, and one who is just starting her journey. Both have similar upbringings that influence their motivations and work to this day. Together, their stories show why representation in research matter.


National Institute on Aging (NIA) “ROAR” Toolkit

Researchers interested in resources to help recruit participants for clinical trials are encouraged to explore NIA’s Recruiting Older Adults into Research’s ROAR Toolkit to download customizable flyers and Power Point presentations.

Click here to learn more.


Pathways to Healthy Aging: How Lifestyle, Genetics, and Environment Interact to Promote Resilience Against Alzheimer’s Disease

Lecture was given on June 24, 2022, to the staff of the Office for Research at Rutgers University. It is a broad and accessible overview of the work by our Aging & Brain Health Alliance at Rutgers University-Newark, including our study of Pathways to Healthy Aging in African Americans.


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